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A seguir é o OEM regular / procedimentos ODM para você para referência:

OEM Service

We can put your logo on all the products from our OEM / ODM section. Our terms are very flexible: we offer printing of your own logo on the product for Minimum Order of 100pcs. If your order exceeds certain order q’ty (depent on different products)- the printing tooling cost service will be free of charge. If you require custom packaging, we can offer that for orders of 1000pcs and above. Usually the whole process takes 10 days or less.
For the products shown in the Products section we can quote you prices immediately. For Modified or Custom Designed bags and backpacks we need to receive full information (see below) before we can quote you.
If you are re-ordering previously purchased items:
Please just send us your new purchase order.
Note:   Due to the international market fluctuations and reasons beyond China Bag backpack Factory control we reserve the right to change our prices without any prior notice. In such case you will be promptly notified at the time we receive your purchase order.
If you are selecting from our original Products:
1. Please send us your Quotation Request.
2. We will provide you with a Quotation.
3. If you would need Samples, please send us your Sample Request Form.
4. We will create and courier the Samples (courier charges for buyer’s account).
5. You will approve the Samples.
6. You will send us your Purchase Order based on our Quotation.
If you want to modify or design your own products:
1. Please send us your original sample and request for changes to the sample. If no sample is available, please send us a photograph or drawing and a detailed description of the product (please refer to the Sample Request section).
2. We will create and send the Samples.
3. We will provide you with a Quotation.
4. You will approve the Samples.
5. You will send us your Purchase Order based on our Quotation.
The item is 100%cotton; however you also can choose the fabric such as combed cotton, organic cotton, bamboo fiber, CVC, T/C, RC, or polyester etc.
Fabric weight:
The Fabric weight can be as per your requirement.
Color available:
Many colors can be chose, such as pink, red, green, black ect


Size available:
custom size according to customer’s requirement
Prototype samples:
The sample need 3-7 days to make, and the bulk lead time will be 15-30days after the samples' confirmation
Logo and pattern technique:
Screen/Silk Screen Printing can be heat transfer print, direct print, jet-ink printing, sublimation, hot-fix, flocking printing and discharge print ect. This screening can be either single or multicolored.
About Embroidered Bag
Embroidery can be normal embroidery, application embroidery, (we can do the logo and label as your design sketch)
Embroidery is the process by which a design is sewn onto a garment using a computerised embroidery machine. The process gives a highly professional long lasting appearance and is suitable for text or logos. We use modern industrial embroidery machines which give a professional finish. 

In order to produce an embroidered logo we have to manually redraw the logo in a format which can be read by an embroidery machine. This conversion process is known as digitisation. Plain text in simple fonts is easier and therefore cheaper to convert than embroidered logos.
Embroidery versus Print
+ Quality Image    
+ Long Lasting 
+ Multicolour at no additional cost                                

- Costs more than Printing 
- Expensive for large logos 
- Embroidery cannot be used where a                         
  graduated colour effect is required. 
- Difficult to recreate small text legibly


ODM Service

More and more companies decide to differentiate their products in the market with unique design. We can provide assistance in developing your own, exceptional products, based on our solutions.

We would encourage you to use the below form to contact with our OEM/ODM Department for more details, we will reply to your email within 12 hours!